Hot air balloons are a memorable experience

Taking a trip in a hot air balloon is a fun and memorable experience. It also has a romantic twist to it. Imagine going up in a hot air balloon with your spouse or partner to celebrate a special occasion, such as a birthday or anniversary, or just to view the beautiful surroundings while you drink in-flight champagne. The balloon flight lasts about an hour and as balloons fly very early in the morning, you will be part of an elite few to witness the beautiful sunrise from the unique vantage of a hot air balloon. Riding in a hot air balloon is truly a special experience and you will definitely enjoy the ride.

Reasons why you should go in a hot air balloon
If you are looking for the ultimate romantic experience, then nothing can beat riding in a hot air balloon. You and your partner will enjoy the incredible views seen by few. Hot air balloons provide a complete 360°view of your surroundings, and the stillness and tranquillity you will experience in the open air has a remarkable way of bringing you closer to Mother Nature.
By taking a hot air balloon ride you will get to experience the oldest form of flight known to man. Did you know that the first ever successful balloon flight took place in France on 19th September 1783? Two prosperous paper manufacturing brothers, Joseph and Jacques Montgolfier began experimenting with lighter-than-air crafts after observing that heated air flowing into paper or fabric bags, made the bags rise. This evolved over the years into today’s more advanced rip stop nylon balloon envelopes.
Hot air ballooning is also one of the safest forms of flight. With Life Ballooning’s 100% safety record, highly experienced balloon pilots and attentive crew you can be assured you are in safe hands.
Experimentation with flying machines has always fascinated man – planes, helicopters, hot air balloons, to name but a few. Every once in a while you just need to try something different and riding in a hot air balloon is definitely one of those bucket list items you need to check off your list. Pair your balloon flight with a special celebration, give it as a gift or just go fly for the fun of it! It’s a memorable morning out for family and friends.

Life Ballooning SA
If you’re looking for a hot air balloon experience look no further than Life Ballooning SA.
Life Ballooning is a SACAA approved hot air balloon operator. This means they are required to undergo strict annual quality and safety audits. Their fleet consisting of four hot air balloons are all maintained according to SACAA standards and their pilots are highly experienced, both locally and internationally. Life Ballooning’s friendly team of staff and crew look forward to flying with you!

And we just have to mention that the views are out of this world!